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Phox Pop magazine Issue 1


Phox Pop magazine Issue 1 is 90 (advertising-free) pages of stories about thinkers, seekers, makers and doers we admire. Their work has been chosen with a nod to the past, filtered through a contemporary lens.

Inside, readers will:

  • Take a journey through the history of a “heathenish liquor” that brought inspiration to 17th Century London, and the forgotten feminine origins of beer.
  • Celebrate the enduring legacy of an instant icon, and hear a typographic tale of love, hate, hide and seek.
  • Examine what we know about our compulsion to collect, and how nostalgia can fuel creativity.
  • Meet a modern craftsman of ancient inspiration, and learn about the project rescuing orphaned images from undeveloped obscurity.
  • Plus there’s some etymology, art installations, urban exploration, and taxidermy in there, too.
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